Deidra’s gift for design is straight from God. She’s made our organization’s website alive with her talents and branding. Her skills are legit and professional looking. Her heart to serve is amazing and she’s incredibly humble. We are all around blessed by her.
Brittney Moses Founder/CEO // Unashamed Impact // Dallas, TX

Deidra has done countless projects for me over the past year and half. Every time I’m more than satisfied with the finished product. She has such a creative eye and approaches every project with excellence. I’m always so excited to see what she has created for me on every project!
Josh Barnett Youth Pastor // Christian Ministries Church // Hot Springs, AR

Deidra’s vision turns an ordinary project into a fantastic one.
Sonia Burns Web Application & Database Specialist // Belize, CA

Deidra Smith is extremely talented and creative. I was always impressed by the caliber of her work, professionalism, and overall personality. Ms. Smith strives for excellence in all she does and always exceeds expectations. Developing and executing marketing campaigns comes naturally for Ms. Smith. She regularly engages in learning new technologies while mastering those she is familiar with.
Rhondine Petrof Founder/Director // Toucan Education Programs Ltd. // Belize, CA

I’ve had the opportunity of working with Deidra on several projects, both volunteer and professional. I’ve seen how she takes an idea and bring it to life. She is efficient, effective and excellent. Get her for your next project, big or small, you will be satisfied.
Verlie Lamb Event Planner/Coordinator // Belize, CA

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my graphic design and marketing needs. There’s heart behind every design. She really puts herself into everything she does.
Rachael Jeans Youth Leader // Christian Ministries Church // Hot Springs, AR

Deidra’s work ethic is honestly one that boggles the mind. She works with steadfast intensity and the efficiency of a government super computer.
Brian Adamson Social Media Coordinator // Institute for Sustainable International Studies // Belize, CA

Deidra’s work ethic and her creativity were amazing.
Cynthia Reece Program Director // Institue for Sustainable International Studies // Belize, CA

When assigned a task, she ensures that she understands the entirety of the project from inception to completion and thereafter effectively achieved the end goal within the allotted time-frame. Additionally, her sense of innovation could not be overlooked. Deidra is constantly finding new creative means of improving just about any activity she is tasked with.
Audrey Pascascio Owner/Executive Coordinator // EXMACO Services Plus // Belize, CA

Deidra never ceases to amaze me. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and beyond brilliant creativity make her very very unique.
Dora Paz Marketing Officer // Belize, CA

Her dedication and commitment to excellence is admirable.
Minerva Pinelo‚ Ed. D. Belize, CA

Deidra always does her best and is never afraid to take on a challenge.
Nicole McCaulay Reservations // Jaguar Reef Lodge // Belize, CA